About Confie Coworking Space

Confie Coworking space is a community-based coworking space located in the heart of Makassar. We have a dream to build an ecosystem where each individual can develop together and chat like a family. Find out more about us on this simple page.

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Vision of Confie Indonesia

We’re always aiming to be the headquarter for Change-makers in East of Indonesia. We believe that a positive work culture at Coworking Space can be the beginning of major changes in the Creative Economy and Youth Sector. Our gut feelings and the number we recorded say we are on the right path to it.

Mission of Confie Indonesia

Tentang Confie Indonesia Coworking Space - Environment

Develop Dynamic Working Environment in and beyond
Our Spaces

We believe in the ecosystem we build. By enabling connections to be built between members and the availability of various facilities, we build dynamic working relationships offline and beyond.

Tentang Confie Indonesia Coworking Space - Education

Deliver Personal and Professional Development in Every Events We Manage

Confie provides various classes and events that focus on developing each stakeholder that it has. With hundreds of community and corporate we do believe we can help entrepreneur at their best potential.

Tentang Confie Indonesia Coworking Space - Startup

Provides Program that Trigger and Accelerate Grow of Youth
Running Startup

Confie also provides various development and coaching programs for startups by equipping them with various programs, access investors, and  office facilities to accelerate the development of their company.

Achievement of Confie Indonesia

1 +

Have Become Our Partners To Grow Since Starting *

* Including various companies, startups, MSMEs, communities, and various educational institutions

1 +
Event & Kegiatan

We Have Handle Since 2017 with Different Needs *

* Starting from small classes to large events

1 +

Range of People Who Visit Confie Every Year * 

* Many of our event visitors also did not have time to register, because the data collection was carried out by the organizer.

Tentang Confie Indonesia Coworking Space - Join Our Team

Grow Like Never Before With Confie Coworking Space

Confie provides various opportunities for those of you who want to develop yourselves in this industry. Find out the opportunity that suits you and it’s time to join the Coolest Squad of Coworking Space in east of Indonesia.

Enjoy Confie!

We would like to express our deep gratitude to all of our great customers who has chosen Confie Coworking Space as your partner in various activities you run. Confie will always excited for every collaboration. Next time we meet, don’t hesitate to say hello.

Khairul Umam, Co-Founder & Director of Confie Indonesia

Tentang Confie Indonesia Coworking Space - Our CEO

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    Alamat Coworking Space : Jalan Penjernihan Raya No. 7, Komp. PDAM , Karampuang, Panakkukang, Makassar.

    Nomor Telpon : +6282122122773

    E-Mail : confie.indonesia@gmail.com